Books I Wrote

Everlasting Beauty
-Everlasting Beauty is a book with few words and some pictures.  It shows you that beauty can be around you in your yard, in your hometown, or on vacation. Take it all in and embrace it!  The beauty around you is what makes you feel good and happy.
(available on Blurb and Amazon)

Keeping The Gleam 
-Writing can sometimes be the only escape anyone has to get their feelings out without having to feel like anyone is judging them for feeling a way that seems different than their own.
I wanted to share my stories with everyone, to show them they weren’t the only ones with feelings they quite didn’t understand…
These are my personal journal entries from growing up and dealing with feelings, changes, and situations.
Some of the stories are straight up and down, some are more hidden and pointed in a different point of view, and few of them are my friends experiences that I learned a lot from by helping them.
Keeping The Gleam is the author’s expression of life experiences, trials, accomplishments, breakthroughs, and breakdowns from her life that took a few unexpected turns on the road of finding herself and growing up.
(available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble)

There’s No Easy Way To Say This… Stories About Growing Up, Screwing Up, and Having Fun.
-This is my life.
The friends and family I have are humorous to say the least, they always keep me laughing until I cry.
‘There’s No Easy Way To Say This…’ is a peek at my friends, family, and the crazy things we do and say.
Conversations, stories, photographs, inside jokes, and a few testimonials are all compiled in this book to show you what we think the phrase ‘live each day like it’s your last’ means, and we do it with a lot of flaws, jokes, laughter, and adventures.
We live each day like tomorrow may not show up and I wanted to show you that everyone has those crazy friends and family members that we know we all wouldn’t be where we are today without them, as much as we hate to admit it!
So welcome to my life, my friends and my family… by reading this you have chosen to put yourselves in the position to get to know us, and that’s a fantastic investment! 🙂 ha!
Delivering page after page of irrelevant humor, biting wit, and off-kilter entertainment, this book is sure to keep you laughing from beginning to end as you learn how these southern kids entertain themselves in the smallest towns ever!
(not for sale at the moment)



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