A Little About Me

*College Student.Wife.Coolest Kid You’ll Ever Meet.*


This blog is about my life.
/sigh after 4 years of blogging I decide it’s time to update my about me section.
Not much has changed.

WildFlowerChildLife is a blog to showcase me, my interests, my stories… my everything.
I’ll talk about everything from my wonderful, funny husband to college life and life itself, and also from TV shows/movies to things I feel passionate about.
You never really know what the next post will be and that’s the way I like it.

Sometimes I will blog for days upon days and sometimes I will go MIA and you’ll think I was done blogging forever.
Not the case.
I get busy, I get frustrated, and I get writers block.
Everyone know’s the struggle.

I want this blog to be struggle free and a place for you to come laugh, come learn, and feel good.
Let’s have fun, laugh, and enjoy life together!

Creator of Wild.FlowerChild.Life


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  1. Hi, Ashli! I tagged you in ‘The Bookshelf Tag.’ Here’s the link if you’re interested. http://justinaluther.wordpress.com/2014/09/09/bookshelf-tag/

    1. awesome! I’ll check it out now!

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