Well, Now I Have To Read The Book

You ever do the whole “I’m just not gonna read the book because then I’ll ridicule the movie/show” thing?
I do it all the time.
So much that I even did it today…
I finally remembered to watch Big Little Lies….
I recommend this show to EVERYONE EVER!!!
I mean, obviously not children because that’s too much…
But everyone who is old enough needs to watch it.
Now I need to read the book!!!
I wanted to and then I didn’t want to and then I was like screw it I’ll just watch the show but now I have a feeling I need to know all the stories deeper than what the show gave me… which they gave me A LOT … but I need more.
I swear….
Just watch it.
I’m literally going to watch it again so Eric can watch it because I watched it without him and I’m not even sorry.
I even told him I wasn’t.
There just wasn’t any way around it.

I’ve also been watching all kinds of stuff on HBOgo lately.
Nostalgic stuff.
Old movies from my day…
Richie Rich was one of them.
I was surprised to see it on there but then I was like YOU KNOW I am about to watch this.
It was still funny.
I also watched Blank Check but that was on Netflix and that movie raised a lot of questions for me and made me feel like everyone in that movie needed to take classes on how to be an adult and not go on dates with children (even if you’re in the FBI) and also not let their kid work for someone you haven’t met because that’s weird, and then you know there were sexual puns that I obviously didn’t get when I was a kid but I got them now and I was like EW stop.
Also weird.
So – just go rewatch Richie Rich and skip Blank Check.
Just this girls opinion.

Basically I’ve been watching everything and avoiding homework.
But I did get my Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 vinyl record in and that is also taking up some of my time.
Also Disney movies…
Basically I’ve got a lot going on but not super cool stuff.

BUT the coolest thing I did was buy Benny his Halloween costume.
I laughed.. omg … well I am still laughing.
He’s a freaking SHARK!!
And it was the BEST $10 I have ever spent.
Oh Benny Boy.
It’s just so cute!
I swear this is the best thing ever.
I am not sure who came up with dog costumes but I want to shake their hand and then show them this picture and be like “see… see what you did and how cute he is
And then they’ll be like “yes he’s the best and I love it“.



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