Thursday But It Feels Like Monday But I Want To Be Asleep Like It’s Friday

I was going to start off with a GIF of someone crying but for some reason Google is like “no” so I can’t.
And now I’m mad.
I wonder if I have one saved?

leo cry

It wasn’t EXACTLY what I was looking for but it works.

I have so many allergy issues going on right now that it sounds like I am crying at my desk.
I have no reason to cry, but it sounds like I am.
I’m just waiting for someone to be like “OMG WHAT IS WRONG” and I’ll be like “uhm… I’m fine bro.
It’s so annoying and it has to be the worst thing in the world.
I’ve never met anyone that likes having allergies but I’m sure there is someone out there… people are weird.

I just had to Google how to spell “receipt”.
If that tells you ANYTHING about today.

School starts back up in two weeks and I am not prepared for it.
Like I can do it but mentally I’m just like “no thank you“.
Having the Summer off was niiiicceeee.
No classes, no deadlines, no homework.
Man, this is what regular people feel like!
I should have been taking Summer’s off the whole time.
Classes stink!
JK I need them to be smart.
I guess I will enjoy these last two weeks of freedom before I have to go back to reality.

I think I’m delirious.
My eyes are so puffy and my nose won’t stop running and I feel like I am just floating around not making any sense.
That didn’t even make sense.
So basically I need to just give up on being any kind of serious/real/important/whatever today and just be like “Well, this is how today is going to go” and move it right along.
Sorry, I’m all jacked up.
mtn dew
I even thought about taking a Claritin this morning but I didn’t.
My bad.

I just sat here and stared out the door for a good minute without even realizing what I was doing until I heard the printer go off and then I was back to reality.
I need a nap.
But for real, why is this week so long?
How is it only Thursday?
Am I in the twilight zone?
Or the land where time stands still?
I’d prefer to be on the beach, if I get to choose, so just keep that in consideration when you’re taking me to imaginary places.

I need to go to actual stuff…. things…



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