August SchmAugust

Goooooooooood morning blog readerssssssss!!!!!
I’m not hyper I swear…
I’m just running on the coffee high I have any it’ll be gone soon enough, don’t you fret.

August means Summer is getting close to being over, it means it’s closer for The Walking Dead to come back and and it means it’s closer to school starting.
Two of those things I am not okay with.
I’ll let you guess.

July was good as far as I can see/remember.
I mean nothing terrible stands out?
So I will take that as it was pretty dang good.
I can’t complain.

BUT I am recently addicted to something…
Not drugs, but I guess I got addicted so fast it kinda is like a drug…
Thanks Netflix.
Yesterday I got addicted to The Vampire Diaries.

^ that’s me to me.
Cuz I am hooked like a fish…
Is that a saying?
Well it is now.
Literally I have went “DAMN!!!!”  “OMG!!!!”  “WHAT THE?!” at the TV more it the 9 episodes I have watched than I ever have to another TV show in a long time.
Like wtf?
I keep trying to compare it to True Blood (which was amazing) because there are similarities but so far this show has come out with a bang and I am digging it.
I need to binged watch it and just finish it all right this second but, work.
Also that would be a freaking journey because there is a billion episodes per season and there is definitely not enough time in the day.
Or week.
Or month probably
It’s gonna happen though.. I WILL FINISH IT but it’s going to take time.
HOPEFULLY it will be before school starts, but what can ya do?

There is a hair on my arm and I can’t find it and I keep thinking it’s a spider and I am not having it.

I need to finish reading IT.
But good Lord I am terrified.
AND they have the new IT coming out in like September or something so…
I watched the trailer for the reboot and almost died at my desk.
It’s so freaking SCARY!


I don’t know what’s worse either – Pennywise or Georgie going “YOU’LL FLOAT TOO!” a billion times at the end of the trailer.
Creepy kids and clowns just aren’t for me.
No no.
Now I can’t stop hearing him screaming in my head so I need to go listen to calming music and pretend to be not scared.

OMG I keep doing a lot of things and NOT blogging like I am supposed to be.
So I must leave.



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