Sunday Funday Or Just Like, A Regular One

I’ve been MIA.
I can’t even remember the last time I blogged and while I know it wasn’t THAT long ago I still feel like I haven’t blogged in a long time.

A lot has been happening.
Or it just feels like it.
Oh see I looked, I blogged Tuesday so it hasn’t been a week.
These last few days have been loooooonnnggggg.
oh well

The day after we last talked was the day Benny got fixed.
That’s the day that started this all off.
The longest past few days ever.
I took him at 8:30 AM because he has to be there early and get all prepped and snipped and such and then I got to pick him up anytime after 2.
Oh boy.
I knew leaving him was going to be the worst because I knew he would be like MOM WTF WHY WOULD YOU ABANDON ME??!
And obviously he doesn’t understand I’m not so when they told me he was done I took off like a bat out of hell.
I didn’t want to a) cry or b) let him know what was happening.
As far as I know I got out dog saddness free.
Mom came down to help me get him because I wasn’t sure how he would be after and I also wasn’t sure just anything about that so I needed more information.
Oh… This poor dog.
He has to wear a cone of shame for two weeks and the one the vet gave us was probably supposed to be for a horse, not my dog.
And I don’t blame him… he couldn’t even walk without being able to see or stepping on it or running into everything ever in existence.
But I got him home and he slept for a bit and he was all kinds of post-surgery-drunk.

Later that night was when hell came up from the ground and showed up at our house.
He was about to lose his shit.
And so was I.
And so was Eric.
And so was probably everyone I was texting saying I was living in hell.

Wishing this cone was burning in hell.

He would lay in the floor and cry cry cry and I would sit on the couch and tell him I knew it sucked but what can ya do?
Oh… we had to do.
He would cry until someone laid with him and loved on him.
He did NOT want to be alone.
So – we had a solution…
An uncomfortable (kinda) not so great but it had to be done solution.
We are going to sleep in the living room and that’s that.
Eric got the couch and I got the futon mattress on the floor and Benny got to sleep with mom all night long.
What is sleep?
I got beat up with that cone all night…
I heard him cry all night…
I tried to comfort him all night..
Oh my gosh it was so so bad and sad and crazy and I was losing my mind.
I was like “he can’t wear this cone… it’s too big, he’s miserable, I’m miserable…. the world is miserable” so it had to change and it had to change fast.
Thursday morning I was texting my step sister about how I was going to go crazy for the two weeks he has to wear this so she found this neck pillow looking thing on some website that people said was great.
I went to get it with my friend Brittney and we took Benny with us and we had to put it on as soon as we got it.
He’s not as miserable but he’s not super happy.
BUT I wasn’t aware of that until I got home – you know, 30 minutes away from the store, and that almost sent me over the edge.
So when Eric got home from work it was back to Petco for me and to Petco for him for the first time that day.

After we returned that we got a new, smaller, more manageable cone.
He’s still not a super fan but it’s SO much better.
I mean look at the size difference!
He can function, he can eat/sleep/play.
It’s perfect.

So before I lost my mind we decided it was time for a tiny road trip on Saturday so we could all get out of the house.
1) again because I had cabin fever
2) because our AC isn’t working right so when it’s hot outside we’re hot inside and we needed out.
I needed out just for the sake of not burning this place down – but whatever.

Benny was too busy looking out the window to want to look at the camera so this was as good as I could get.  It works.

It was nice.
We were only gone for like 2 hours – but it was soooooo worth it.
SO SO worth it.

Today is a relaxing day but that also includes laundry, and yard work and most importantly – Shark Week / Game of Thrones.
Yes – that’s what is important and we don’t care.
Shark Week is more for me but Game of Thrones is for both of us.
Actually, Eric may like it more than me.
I don’t know but we enjoy television shows too much and we don’t care.
sue m


If you’re wondering, Benny is doing just fine.
He get’s cone-free time from time to time and it makes him happy… or he just agrees with my hat…
Either way.
Hat available on Amazon here Best Dog Mom Ever Embroidered Soft Fit Washed Cotton Baseball Cap – Black


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