I’m Fergalicious

We all know I’ve been struggling with weight loss and also loving myself and being happy with the way I look and and and and ….

Yesterday I found a picture on my computer from February when I took a before picture and then never took an after.
I was like “do I want to do this” and so I asked Jerrica and Brittney to see if I wanted to do this because I knew they’d tell me honestly.
They were both like “sure bro go for it” so I did.
I even told Brittney that if it wasn’t what I was expecting I was going to jump off the roof.
Luckily, that didn’t happen.

Welcome to my two before / during pictures below (I say during because I am not done yet)…

The left picture is from May 13 and the right picture is from July 13.  As you can see I DO have a chin!!!


February 21 to July 13.  Wowza.

As you can see – there are some big differences.
It’s a nice feeling to see these differences.
ESPECIALLY when you didn’t think there were any and have been discouraged during your weight loss time.
Sometimes the scale isn’t on your side (or most of the time it seems) and sometimes you think you’ve made zero progress and then suddenly you see the change – and it’s awesome.
So don’t give up, don’t quit and don’t be discouraged because you can do this, you can see a change and you can be happy.
I swear – it’s the truth.
Just scroll back up and look at my pictures if you don’t believe me.

I am posting about my journey here (sometimes) but I am also posting it on my Instagram account which you can get to by searching Wild.FlowerChild.Life or going here and clicking that follow button.
You’ll also see a lot of funny stuff, a lot of my super cute dog and some other cool stuff that you’re gonna wanna see.
I promise.

Speaking of the cutest dog ever in existence – Benny is 6 months old today.
leo cry
My boy is growing up.
Like age wise and physically.
First of all, he’s 57 pounds ALREADY and thinks he’s a lap dog so that’s super fun when he crawls on your chest and plops down.
Secondly he’s so super big now!
His nose spot was my favorite – I mean don’t get me wrong he’s still adorbs but I loved that little spot.
My little bebe boy’s getting so big.
Right now he’s laying on my legs and chewing on his nails because what else is he to do?
I am about to have to give him some medicine and he’s gonna hate that.
I feel bad but he just wants to play with it – not take it.
Send help.



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