We’re All Mad Here

Benny still doesn’t feel great, we started him on some new medicine that he’s gotta take for a few days and it may make him feel lazy, we’re both still really tired and he’s obsessed with me.
So as I try to blog to you – this is happening…
Poor baby.
Hopefully he feels better soon.

In other “not feeling good” news my Grandma went to the hospital last night and her blood pressure ended up being really high so they did some super fun tests and eventually let her go home – but not before she told me what was happening.
This is how I got the news from Grandma herself…
I laughed for a good 20 minutes and then text my Pawpaw to make sure everything was alright.
I was in a spot with little signal so I wasn’t able to get much through, but at least I knew she was okay and was not bothered by waiting in the ER one bit while the rest of us were freaking out – telling her she has GOT to start taking her medicine before we hurt her ourselves.
Like I said before, she ended up being okay and getting to go home – so that’s awesome – but I feel like I just want to keep this text for the rest of my life so I can laugh about it all the time.
And her emoji use was pretty sweet too, if I do say so myself.
I’m the one who taught her how to use emojis too – so, you’re welcome everyone.

Now we’re all going to stalk her to make sure she’s doing what she’s supposed to be doing.
We aren’t playing with you lady – don’t make us stop this car!
We will we swear to God!

Oh my – the dog has moved and I’ve had to adjust.
It’s not the best situation…
I mean – you gotta do what you gotta do when you’re trying to blog and talk to your Grandma, you mom and your friend.
So really it just looks like I got a new table.
A super cute table.
…Oh now he’s gone so I can get back to normal.

I really have a lot to do today – laundry, the kitchen is always dirty for some reason so I need to clean that, I need to take a nap so I’m not the worst person ever, I need to go get some peanut butter or hot dogs so he can take his medicine easily and I don’t have to shove it down his throat and make him swallow it (again) and did I mention I need to take a nap?

Anyone wanna come help?
I guess I’ll just do it myself.



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