Soooo Remember That Time?

Remember two days ago when I was like “oh Benny was sick but he’s okay now!” blah blah blah?
It was in this post here and you can see for yourself if you didn’t see before.
Yeah no.
That wasn’t true.
So.. my bad for being a dirty liar.

This morning I was sleeping like a champ (finally) when I heard whining.
I was like “please be having a bad dream, please oh please” because that’s something I don’t have to get out of bed for.
I can just nudge him and go back to sleep.
But noooooooo sir.
Benny was standing in the floor by the door whining because he needed out.
Ask me what time it was….
IT WAS 2:00 AM!
I had been asleep for like, 4 hours, if that!
I asked him “is this real life” and just whined and I knew it was and so out we went.
We have a fence in yard and the gates are locked at all times but I always think there is going to be some murderer/creep/weirdo in our yard.
I’m always on the lookout even though I never wear my glasses or my shoes.
I am prepared for crazy I just may not look like it at 2:00 AM but I am always on the lookout so – don’t come near me ever.
We went out at 2:00 and went back to sleep.
We went out at 5:00 and mom started going a little insane so we came to the living room where Benny laid in his bed and fell back to sleep and I watched Parks and Rec on Netflix because what else am I going to do?
1)  That show is fantastic
2) I was already awake.
I was/am so tired and I was convinced Benny had it out for me and my sleep and that he was the worst.
th worst.gif
Obviously he isn’t the worst, but, it felt like it.

SO we made a trip to the vet.
He got a shot, antibiotics and we’re hoping he is going to be good in a few days!
Basically he needs to stop eating the grass and he will be fine.
So, stop it Benny.

Let’s all take a nap and pretend tonight will be different.



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