Shenanigans On The 3rd & 4th

I’m not gonna lie to you guys…
I had to google how to spell Shenanigans.
But other than that – let’s get this post going.

We didn’t really have any definite plans other than shooting fireworks off at my dad’s house the night before.
Tuesday was basically going to be winging it.
Monday (the 3rd) we woke up to torrential downpours.
No one knew it was supposed to rain.
I don’t even think that the weather man knew because no one was prepared.
The whole day we’re like ‘crap, can we do dis?‘ and my Dad was like ‘stop being negative, we gon do dis‘ and we were like ‘k‘.
And we did it.
At about 9 it stopped raining and the fireworks started off with a bang……
…get it?
Moving on…
There were some good ones, big ones, some that were supposed to look like smiley faces  that didn’t and one that did….
And of course THAT was the one I didn’t record.
Benny hated it.
He was terrified as hell and was like ‘no I don’t need this in my life‘ and he sat scared the whole time.
Poor pup.
But all in all it was a fun time.
Good food, good peeps, good fireworks and no mosquitoes (inside the net that is).

Tuesday we slept in, had no plans and didn’t end up doing anything until like 2.
And we were like ‘we need food, let’s go get BWW’ because that’s our answer to everything.
We went and picked up my Mom and went to eat!
Mom bought a hat from one of our friends at BWW for 20 dollars because she’s insane and also wants to be in a Kid Rock video.
We ate good food and had some good laughs and then we dropped her off and headed to my cousins house for some more fireworks.
But this time there was mosquitoes.
I hate dem.
I liked the fireworks and the good time with our friends – but I did not like the bugs.
It was a nice day.

Here – I’ll make you look at some pictures of our fun and our scared dog and our pretty faces and snapchat filters.

It must have been a few nice days that are busier than usual because we came home, turned on Twin Peaks and fell asleep in the living room.
I woke up at midnight like uhhhhh this is wrong and woke up Eric and the beast and we went to bed.
Where none of us slept good at all.
Go figure.
I should have just left us on the couch/recliner/dog bed.

I hope your 4th weekend / week / day was amazing and I hope you aren’t hating your day back at work too much.



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