Comedy and Horror Aren’t My Two Bugaboos

I’m currently reading two books.
Because I can’t control myself around books.
So I’ve got two going on and they’re two totally different books.

First up –
Yes Please – by the hilarious Amy Poehler.
I started reading this because I was watching Parks and Recreation and got nostalgic and if you want to read that post then you can go here and see all my feelings and thoughts about Parks and Recreation and how the book was going at the time I posted originally.
She’s hilarious, she’s real, she talks about things than can you can understand and feel like she does – not just how great being a celebrity is or how hard it was for her to get there.
She talks about real life things, real life emotions and real life stories to get you to understand that she’s just like us, only slightly better.
I was going to read this some more today but I left it at home and the only book I have with me is the other book I am reading and have been reading for what feels like months.

My second book?
It: A Novel – by none other than Stephen King.
I’ve been reading this book since May.
SINCE MAY and I’m only 100 pages in so I guess it’s kind of a blessing that I left the other book at home because now I am forced to read this one and live my fears out in clown city.
I am terrified of clowns so I am facing my fears and reading this book (slow af) but it’s happening and I am going to finish it sometime… we just aren’t sure when.
Don’t worry – I’ll let you know when I’m done.
I’m sure most of you have read this book but if, by chance, you’re like me and behind the times then you should get it and we should be scared together.
Go on, I’ll wait.

I like to read.
It’s fun, it’s nice and relaxing (which I don’t need to read right this second then because I’ll fall asleep at my desk) and it’s a way to kinda escape for a bit.
I just need a giant library in my house.
Basically, I just need to move into Barnes and Noble.
I’d be fine with it.

Once I finish one, or both, of these I’ll come back and tell you all about it.
Or will I be knee deep in so many books that I’ll never finish a book ever again and I am going to be trapped in this IT limbo for the rest of my life?!
Oh lord – I need to go read.



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