Goodbye June, Hello July!

Welcome to month 7.
I literally almost forgot.
I need to have Eric go change the calendar so I don’t have to drag a chair over to do it.
I hung it too high and now that’s where it lives and it’s Eric’s job now.
There’s nothing you can do about it now.

I can’t believe it’s July!
It seems like 2017 has gone by really fast and that’s good because it’s getting closer to Disney World but also bad because it’s already July and that means next month I have go to back to school and I’m like no, hard pass.

I’m ready to shoot off fireworks though – hoping Benny isn’t traumatized by them and he gets to enjoy being outside and looking at them…
but who knows how that’s going to go.

To kick off July I almost murdered my husband.
Not LITERALLY, but, it crossed my mind.
Again, not literally.
Don’t come arrest me – he’s alive and well – but good lord.
At like, 2 AM this cracker was on MY side of our king sized bed, SNORING IN MY EAR and refusing to roll over.
It was at least ten million degrees in our room so I didn’t need the heat from his 5 million degrees body and I didn’t need the LOUD TRAIN HORN SNORING in my ear.
Even Benny was like ‘mom, wtf?’ and I was like seriously.
I kept trying to push him over but it was like pushing against a brick wall.
It was terrible.
So after trying to get him to stop, roll over and hush I finally gave up and went to the couch.
Benny went with me because he also appreciates silence.
Or just doesn’t like trains in our bedroom.
Either way.
Eric got up this morning and was like “you left me” and I was like “yes, be glad that’s all I did.
Then I made him get me breakfast after the torture I went through.
It was only fair.

Now we’re all being lazy, laying around and not getting any fitbit steps.
So far, it’s a pretty dang good day.

So Hello July – it’s gonna be great.



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