“Saying “Yes” Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Know How To Say No, and Saying “Please” Doesn’t Mean I Am Waiting For Permission.”

Today I woke up feeling like I was on fire and thinking I was dying.
It wasn’t pretty.
So needless to say Me, Benny and Netflix were partners all day.
I watched A LOT of Parks and Recreation and got sad when the finale was over.
Not that I haven’t seen it a billion and one times but it’s always sad for the finale credits to roll as you sit there and wonder why one of your favorite shows had to end so soon.. or end at all.


So after being depressed and trying to take a nap (that Benny wouldn’t allow) I decided it was time for me to bust out a book and get to reading.
But not just any book…
Not even the book I am supposed reading right now (IT) …
No – it was time for Yes Please by none other than Amy Poehler herself.
Excuse the dog, he thinks everything is his, but it was just time for me to read this book.
I think I was sad to see all my favorite characters go (for the millionth time) and I was feeling nostalgic and in need of more laughs and since I’ve been hoarding this book since May I knew that now was a good time.

I didn’t get too seriously far in the book before I started this blog but I got far enough to know that I love it.
It’s funny and real.
It’s sad but relatable.
And to be totally honest I may or may not have skipped forward to the part where she talks about Parks and Recreation and her cast and how they’re all best friends before reading the first chapter.
But I’ll never tell you if that’s real or not.

I seriously recommend this book.
I’m looking at you Scarlett, Lesley, Randi, Denise, Miranda, Mallory and Liz.
I would mention Michael and Eric and Caleb but I know none of them would read this so I’m basically looking at all my friends that are girls.
Caleb MAY read it but I doubt it.
And no, you can’t BORROW my book because Ashli doesn’t do that.
I feel like my books are my children and I wouldn’t just give you my child so you must get your own.
I’d be stressing about when I would get it back and we’d all stop being friends and it would be TOO MUCH!
pass out
If you’ve already read it then you can take your name off the list.
I don’t know your life – but if you HAVE read it then let’s chat.

As for now I am going to go eat dinner, lay on the couch and watch Thursday night TV since I’m not feeling great and it’s also my rest day from the gym.



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