How Can It Only Be Tuesday? AmIRight?

I’m like “Wow it has to be Thursday!” – because I’m at work so that means it has to be either Tuesday or Thursday – but no.
It’s Tuesday.
And I’m tired af.
I don’t think anyone in our house slept good last night.
Not even the dog.
I was awake, what felt like all night, but who really knows how long it actually was.
At one point I woke up trapped in my blankets and covered in sweat.
It was fun.
No one – no one slept at all last night…
And I’m sure we’re all feeling it today.
I mean, I know I am so I would assume Eric is but Benny is prolly at home in his kennel snoozing away.
Lucky dog.
tired jim

It’s week 2 of the gym and I am not as sore as I was last week and that’s awesome.
I’m gonna be so buff.
Or just like, fit, but either way.
Last night I did 40 minutes on the treadmill PLUS the workout I did and I was like yes yes yes this is nice.
You always feel good when leaving the gym.
1. Because you’re done
2. Because your body is getting healthier and healthier with each go.
It’s nice.
Leading up to going you’re like “meeehhhh” and then you get there and you’re like “oh okay I can do dis.
It’s a mixture of things but in the end it’s nice.
one two

I’m not sure if I have talked about this before (I probably have because I have a problem) but my newest addiction is a podcast called My Favorite Murder.
They talk about like 3 different murders a show, they have different themes each show and they let people write in and talk about murders from their hometowns.
I have a serial killer interest and it’s weird I know but so do a lot of people so back up off me bro.
It’s so interesting to hear about these murders and learn about how some are unsolved and some are ruled this when they should be that and there’s a lot of information!
I need all of you to listen…
Right now.
You can read all about it and listen to them here and become obsessed and love it just like I do.
Really, it’s my friends fault I’m addicted to this so technically I didn’t do it and you should all blame her.
But don’t because I love her and the fact that she introduced me to this.
Leave her alone and let her be.

My stomach is growling something FIERCE.



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