200 Coughing Fits, 8 Seasons of Gilmore Girls and 1 Bloody Nose

Eric got me sick.
He says it wasn’t him, but he’s sick and now I’m sick so who else would it be?
Not to point fingers but…

Seriously, if you were to visit us right now you would just turn around and leave and probably never look back until we got stock in Lysol.
All you would hear would be coughing, sneezing, nose blowing and Gilmore Girls.
You would even have gotten to witness the nose bleed I got last night out of no where that was super attractive and all over the place.
Have I mentioned we need to be quarantined?
Because we do.
It’s gross.
Or like a tent like they put over houses when there are bugs… we need that.
And if you want to come say hi you need a hazmat suit.
1) for safety
2) I’ve never seen anyone in real life in a hazmat suit and I would like to see it before I cough up a lung.
3) you could do this

I bet my Fitbit friends think I’m dead.
I normally hit my goal daily and I’ve probably gotten 1,000 steps the past few days.
Guys I’m alive I swear!
Just in the process of dying… but also surviving.
It’s complicated.

Benny has been a hot mess since I’ve been down and out.
ALL over me… (more than usual)
Under my feet… (more than usual)
Taking my bath I wanted…
I went to run myself a bath so I could open up my nose and have some air flow / oxygen and I turned on the bath tub and Benny jumped in like it was for him.
Excuse me, is this for you?
Nooooooo sir.
So I had to get him out and take a shower instead.
…I’m super relaxed.
He also thinks every single towel is for him.
So after I took a shower and after sitting with my hair in a towel for a bit I took the towel out of my hair and threw it in the floor so he could have it.
One and done for towels around here now because he’s going to get ahold of it no matter if you give it to him or not so it’s easier just to let him have it rather than him yanking it off the towel holder on the back of the door in the bathroom.
We got the weird one.
But he’s so dang cute I guess I’ll keep him. ❤

Well I guess I need to go get some more tissues so I can blow my nose for the 1092834th time today and then take some more medicine and hopefully get to relax while the sheets are being washed and all the germs are being murdered.



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