In Spring I Move


It’s Spring Time!!!
Oh yes – I need the warmth in my life….
It makes me happy happy happy!

Summer is close….
That means swimming and water and tans and vacations and everything great!
I need it.
I also need my Summer bod – but it’s coming.

I’ve been up since 7 with Benny (our new puppy) and I’m on coffee number 2 and I can’t find my phone.
I mean, it’s in the house somewhere, but it’s missing.
Benny prolly ate it, he has a phone obsession and I wouldn’t be surprised if it literally moved it.
I just love him.
I also have my windows open enjoying this nice weather on this first day of Spring.
It’s so nice I can’t stand it!

I have a lot of homework to do since Spring Break is over and I want to do none of it.
I have it all open on my laptop but, here I am, talking to you.
Spring Break spoils me and it makes me not want to do anything.
School should just be over.
I need that to be a thing.
I just wanna hang out in my back yard in this nice weather (on a hammock I don’t have yet) and read some books while my puppy runs in the yard and then comes to attack my face because that’s what he does.
He’s a nightmare but you can’t help to love that sweet sweet face!
Ugh – I’m obsessed.

But really – we finally got a privacy fence and now I love my back yard even more.
I can do whatever I want.
I mean, I probably won’t do anything new but, I have the option.
I can tan in peace – without wanting to hide because let’s be honest it’s kinda weird just to lay in my fenceless yard and tan where everyone can see me.
Now I can be like YEAH TANNING and not feel weird.
And I have a kiddie pool for Benny so he can get in the water and see how he feels about it.
If it’s anything like bath time then I’m screwed and he’ll never get in the water unless it’s with force from me.
Lawd help.

I guess I am going to go do some homework while the monster is leaving me alone and chewing on his shark.
That’ll last about 2 seconds before he’s climbing up my arm trying to bite my hair.



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