Coffee, Naps, Midterms

You’re amazing because you make me smart but I also hate midterms and that makes me hate you.


Now that that’s out of the way….
My morning has consisted of this.
Get up.
More coffee.
Get some steps in.
Yoga & cool socks… Exhibit A.
Do some homework that’s due TODAY that you have no idea how to do.
Pretend you’re smart, finish it and turn it in.
Pray for an A… or at least a C.
Get more steps in.
Snapchat 100 people to procrastinate.
Stare at my backpack and all the crap inside… Exhibit B.
Pretend I’m going to do more but don’t.
Start this blog and talk to you about things I should be doing but not actually do them.

And now you’re all caught up!
Next week is Spring Break but that doesn’t really count because I still work but it’s a week off of school so I’m fine with that.
I will take working and money over not having classes.
Classes are a nightmare.
BUT being that I am a senior and just got accepted into my masters program I must continue and actually put forth SOME effort to graduate and make it.
I need to pass.
Someone help me.
I mean you can’t because college frowns upon that but like, just tell me I’m pretty and smart and that I can pass but also let my cry in the shower or at Taco Bell because I am stressed af.
Also I can’t even go to Taco Bell because #DietLife and that also makes me sad.
Or just Taco Bell in general.
Either way.

I was going to exercise today … aka walk a mile… to procrastinate more but it’s gross and rainy so that plan is foiled.
How else can I pass time that doesn’t include tests and homework or college at all?
Let me know… I need it.



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