Pizza, Blades and A Heating Pad

Ohhhhh it’s the weekend!
You know what that means?
I’m drinking coffee, watching Gossip Girl and laying on the heading pad.
Yassss I’m 100.
But als0 18 because Gossip Girl.
Watch out y’all, I’m wild.


Eric is working for a bit today and then later we’re going to go eat PIZZA so it’s exciting.
Cheat meals are basically my life now and it’s only been one week.
I just love food too much – but I am for sure trying not to gain 1383924 pounds from one meal so my meals for breakfast and lunch are going to be small and healthy af.
Cheerios and milk.
Protein shake and probably a fruit or veggie and LOTS of water.
I’m not messing around.
This pizza is going to be life.


To work off our pizza we are legit discussing going skating.
We went to a skate party last weekend for Eric’s niece and the adults had more fun than the kids.
You just skate skate skate and your legs burn and you try to race but I can’t remember how to stop or turn so basically it’s an accident waiting to happen but it’s going to be a blast and I am excited.
We will probably be the oldest people there – but we don’t care.
I don’t want to BUY roller blades because they’re freaking expensive so I will just go places and skate with teenagers and have fun anyway.
I mean I look like a teenager so maybe it’ll work.
If anyone tries to get in my way I’ll be like this…
And then I’ll do a sweet jump and hope I don’t break both of my legs so I can keep skating and blading away.
Gosh, Brink! was such a good movie.
I have it recorded so I may need to watch it for inspiration.

Ohhhh I can’t wait for pizza.
I’ll finish this season of Gossip Girl and take a shower.
I promise.



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