Winter Is Coming?

Ahhh January.
The time it should be 20* and snowing but really it’s 69* and cloudy.
Really – is it Spring and I missed it?
Weather in the South is confusing and I really don’t pay attention to anything anyone says.
Anytime it’s supposed to sleet, snow, ice, be cold, basically just be Winter in general I am like this…
I am just not made for the cold.
I need sunlight and water and swimming and a beach.
Really, I just need Florida.


The weather changes from one minute to the next so I just wait to see what happens instead of rushing to the store to buy bread and milk.
If it snows then that’s great and if it doesn’t that’s even better..
Lately there has been some talk about another ice storm.
Ice storms are a living nightmare, in my opinion, because you can’t do anything!
Playing in it is off limits because you’ll probably fall, crack your skull and bleed to death because no ambulance will be able to get to you from all the ice that has accumulated in the storm.
You can’t really go out and exercise in the Winter because it’s too cold and you don’t have a gym membership because you’re a broke college kid and then if you do go outside bundled up you are like “yes this is nice” but once you get to actually feeling it then you get hot but you can’t take off your clothes outside because you’ll get arrested for indecent exposure so you just get confused and run around the house like I do and your husband thinks you’re weird and it’s not normal!


Really I am just a Winter scrooge.
I am like this all Winter long.


UNLESS it gets me out of going to class then I am like this.

I have my priorities right – I mean it may not LOOK like that to professors or anything but college kids (adults) like breaks.
Especially when we don’t make up classes, we just miss.

Really – in all honesty, I just wish it would do whatever it is it’s going to do so we can get it over and done for.
Just snow already.
Only snow, preferably, but I guess Mother Nature really just does what she wants anyway so she isn’t going to listen to me.
Even though she should because I am awesome.

So go, get your milk, bread and anything that can be eaten without electricity just in case and remember that Winter is the worst.



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