Creepy Wednesday

I’ve been creeping on my own blog all morning.
Why, you may ask…
Because I revamped it and now I am second guessing myself.
That’s what I do.
I mean it looks good, and it’s not THAT different, but I’m like “I need a professional” but obviously that isn’t going to happen so I’ve got to work with what I’ve got.
Or don’t got.
I just want everyone to enjoy it here.

The fog has rolled in again and we wait for a Winter storm.
There is back and forth talk about if we are going to get it or not and I’m just to the point where I don’t even care if we get it or not, I just want someone to tell me what’s going on.
I mean I hate being cold, but being stuck in my house with my husband with junk food, 100 blankets and a True Blood marathon doesn’t sound too bad to me.
Oh, we can’t go anywhere?
Boo…… but not really.
That means we spend no money and I don’t have to move.
So that’s a win.
BUUUUTTTT that could also mean the hubs may have to get out and work in these conditions so that’s a major NO of why I don’t want the ice to come.
Just let’s be a normal Winter.
Give us some snow and then bring me Summer!
But also let me get skinny before that happens so take your time.
Plus 57.
So… I need time before bikini season.
I am trying my best to hit my goals and do good, it’s just a slow, grueling process that makes me go insane because I want it to happen now…. and I’ve got to get over that but that’s my issue and who tf knows if it will ever change.
Probably not – but a girl can dream.

I literally just stared at this screen for 5 minutes not doing anything because I am so tired and this coffee isn’t helping my soul.
Is it too early for a nap?
And can you nap at your desk at work?
/asking for a friend.

I need to go be productive.
I need to make some stuff for my Etsy shop.
Need need need but who knows what is going to happen.



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