The First Day of Winter Has Turned Me Into A Zombie

Finals are done and I did pretty well.
2 A’s and 2 B’s … so basically I’m smart af.


I’m working extra this week to make up for the Christmas money I have spent and it’s good and bad at the same time.
The good is obviously money because, let’s face it, I’ll always take that.
The bad is that I am tired.
Really tired.
Plus this weather has me all snotty and sleepy and grouchy.
Winter is OFFICIALLY here and I am not happy about it.
Like I just want to sleep until noon and wake up feeling like a human and not a half human half zombie monster.
That’s gonna be my day.
I am going to be a happy, well slept, real human.
Let the sleeping begin!

Today is the first day of Winter and I’m like whatever.


It’s been cold already so the official date means nothing to me.
I’ve been cold.
I’ve been grouchy.
I am ready for Summer already.
I mean my weight isn’t, but my mind and skin are.
I’ll be skinny by then…. but not right now because I am bulking up for Winter so I don’t freeze to death.
Not really, I’ve been fat let’s be honest, but, I can say that’s why I am STILL fat.
Y’all don’t know me.

This coffee is not helping.
I need more – but the coffee here at work is killer.
Why’s it so tough?
Where’s the splenda for me to over use and make my coffee taste better?
I need breakfast blend not cowboy killer.
It’s just a fact.

I’ve misspelled so many words because I can’t keep my eyes open.
I slept like crap last night and I don’t know why.
I was awake nonstop and I was WIDE AWAKE each time….
but then when that alarm went off I was not awake and I am still not awake and it’s been 2 hours.
What is the deal?
I blame Winter.
There is no other explanation for it.
I just had to look up how to spell “explanation”.
I must go.



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