My Brain Has Left The Building

It’s only Tuesday and finals are already stressing me out.
They don’t start until Monday “technically” but some have to be turned in before finals week even starts.
My head hurts.
Send help.
There’s so much!
I feel like these past few weeks consisted of homework, tests, more homework, Eric helping me study for tests, homework and sleeping/eating somewhere in between.


Today I wrote a 5 page paper and it took me long than ever.
I AM GOOD AT WRITING PAPERS and today it was like my brain was like HAHAHA no girl…. not happening.
My brain hurts and I need a nap.
Seriously almost fell asleep at my desk earlier while I was reading articles for my paper.
That’s the truth.
Like coffee didn’t even save me today…
I don’t know what is happening.


I feel like this perfectly expresses my life right now.
Eric will ask me something and I won’t answer and he’ll go “oh that was a good chat” and I’m just like oh …. I was paying attention but I wasn’t and I was also thinking about a lesson plan I have to write and about a nap I want to take.
Send help.
Finals are coming.

Yoga helps me be calm so like, can I just do it all day everyday?
Just always in downward dog or child’s pose.
That’s not awkward or anything, right?
I did yoga yesterday and was like “I could seriously nap sitting up like this” and I’m not really sure that’s the point of it but that’s what it did to me and I was okay with it.
I wonder if yoga is acceptable at work?
No… probably not.
I was just asking for friend anyway.

I need to go be productive.



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