Thanksgiving Is Close…

Monday means it’s only 3 days until Thanksgiving and guess who feels like death?
AND the best (sarcasm) part is that Eric might be getting sick too.
Thanks for showing up with a bang.


This is how I imagine Mother Nature when she brings the cool weather.
Be nice to us!

Ahhhh Fall.
I mean it brings its sickness but it also brings the good TV shows.
All the best TV shows come back on, there are holiday specials all the time, Christmas movies and so on.
Stuff you don’t have every single day.
Yesssss bring me the Christmas Story 24 hour marathon, some hot chocolate and junk food and I am SET.
That’s the best time.
I can’t wait.

I have been busy lately with school and my shop and my home and my life and today I was like “I am going to create with no time limit and it’s going to be good”.
And they were.

These are some of my favorites in my shop (as I just learned how to make glitter art) but I am pretty pumped.
They’re cute, simple, and ready for hanging!
$3.00 a piece on WildFlowerChildLife on Etsy

And these… ahhh they’re the best best best.
The Griswold 3 Pack!
$7.00 for all three on WildFlowerChildLife on Etsy and I am loving it…
I laugh every single time I look at them.
ahhh Christmas humor.

If you want any of these prints (or others) I am having a black friday sale going on from now until Monday. Just use code BLACKFRIDAY at check out and you get 30% off your whole order!

I guess I’ll go craft more.
Or nap.
Or clean.
Who knows!



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