It Is A Great Day

Good morning America!
Here I am… in my Mizzou hoodie I wore yesterday.
You’re welcome.

Is it just me or is today confusing…
There’s so much happening that my brain is like whaaaaat is happening?!
….and we don’t like that.

Let me just say this…
I do not talk politics!!!
Your views and my views may be 100% different and I am okay with that.
You have every right in the world to be mad or sad or happy or glad or indifferent and I won’t judge you because I am not you.
I will never argue with anyone about views, opinions, or whatever else.
I will never be ugly to you because you and me are different.

As I looking through what I am going to call “the whole internet” there is so much happening that makes me cringe.
And what I am going to count as at LEAST 100000000000 ‘it’s a great day” posts.
And all I can think is why?
I don’t get it.
Why so much negativity?
And why is today ONLY a great day to post about why it’s such a great day?
Shouldn’t every single day be a great day?
I mean – in my eyes I see it like every single day you wake up it’s a great day.
You’re alive.
You’re breathing.
You’re here.
I mean… sure some days aren’t “great” but they’re good… or okay… or just days… but you’re still having that day….
Yes… some days are HARD and I can say that some days I don’t even want to get out of bed.
But I do.
And I’m alive and I made it through those bad days knowing perfectly well I will have more later but it’s not stopping me from living my life.
I’m here… right now blogging to you about all my feelings…
& that’s something that is pretty great to me.

Sure – we’re about to go through some changes as a nation that not everyone is going to like, agree with, or want – but do we have to be harsh about it?
Spreading hate (or whatever you want to call it) will only make matters worse.

Soooooooo love yourself, love your neighbor, and love every single great day.
Or just like them…
You don’t have to love them…
Just be kind.
If we don’t spread the positivity then there will be slim to none and spreading the positivity is something we can all do to make each and every day great.




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