Happy Halloween, Witches!

Halloween is here.
What a boo-tiful thing.
But really – Halloween is great.

I may be at work, but I am rocking a Halloween shirt in honor of this awesome day.
Don’t mind the snapchat filter, I have to get them all in before they take them away from me and basically ruin my life.

I should have worn my costume to work, but, that woulda been embarrassing since I am the only one in here.
I would have been a loner queen.
All alone.
Lone wolf.

We did dress up this year, though, because that’s a requirement at our Halloween bash we do yearly, and I have to say we looked pretty classy.
I mean basically I am a queen all the time so it really wasn’t much different.
The dress though, I never wear those.
Queen Ashli and her Knight have arrived.
Sure Eric should have been a King but it’s a lot more funny to tell people the Queen is having a royal affair rather than to dress up and let it be the normal thing.
Get out of here.

Today is also my Grandma’s birthday.
Which, to me, means she is a witch, which also means that passed down by blood I should be a witch and really I am just waiting on my time to get here.
Where’s my powers?
I am sick of waiting.
I mean my Hogwarts letter came so really this is all I’ve got left going for me and my witch status.
So, let’s do this.

Ahhh Halloween.
I love you but I am not going to enjoy taking down alllllll 298439 decorations I have for you.
It’s going to suck.
Hell, most of my gravestones are broken (thanks squirrels) and all the stuff inside now has to go somewhere since the attic ruined most of it.
I need a bigger house specifically for all my Halloween decorations.
So really, I need a shed but a bigger house just works best for everyone.


Be safe!
Be scary!
Eat a lot of candy and get a sugar high!



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