Fire Extinguishers At The Ready!

It happened.
My new fireplace is in and working
We’ve lived in this house 5ish years and never had one that works.
It’s been there, but, no workie.

So may I present, the fireplace and it’s growth.

Old – boring fireplace.
It works!!!


Right now it stinks to high heaven.
I can’t tell if I am in a good mood or if I am high from the fumes it’s putting off since it’s been capped for years.
I guess time will tell – or someone finds me on the floor passed out later.
Something will happen.
We will see either way.

Now it’s about to get all kinds of Fall up in this house.
(Sorry honey, fires do that to me)
…he must be right…. I am a pyro.
I need some hot chocolate and some smores STAT!
Maybe a new pair of onesie pajama’s and a really good book.
There is going to be all kinds of #Basic stuff that happens in there.
I may have to sit in the floor because I’m not sure how comfortable those rolling chairs will be when I am trying to get my relaxation on.
Blanket fort seems like something that I should do.
Yes… the fireplace has woken up my inner Fall powers.
No pumpkin spice anything though…. still can’t handle that.

Once the smell leaves it’ll be a lot better.
I hope.



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