Footie Pajamas and Storm Trooper Mugs

The day of rest.
We take that seriously at this house.
Right before I started to blog I was sitting here drinking green tea out of my storm troopers mug while wearing my footie pajamas.img_5049
I still have on my footie pajamas – but the tea is gone.
Ahhh Sunday.
You’re amazing.

Each Sunday is the same – Netflix, pizza rolls and naps.
I know it sounds boring but neither of us would change it for the world.

We like to be lazy.
It’s not just like we’re doing it for the sport of it, we just like to sit around and do nothing with each other.
It’s basically our favorite past time.
We will binge watch Netflix all day while we have a vicious cycle of couch musical chairs.
Then we do this thing were we will sit on separate couches, come back to the same couch and snuggle, move back to our respective couches to spread out and keep the cycle going until it’s time for bed.
Ahhh Sunday.
We love you.

Right now our Netflix binge is The Ranch Season 1 Part 2.
If you haven’t watched it then I highly recommend it.
It’s one of the funniest shows we have watched in a long time – and we watch A LOT of shows.
It stars Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, Sam Elliot and Debra Winger and they all are great.
They definitely have their heartwarming moments, but the laugh out loud humor is the selling point.
There aren’t many shows that make you laugh out loud anymore and this one is right up there with belly aching laughter.
Seriously – watch it.
I recommend it to everyone.
(Unless cussing is something you don’t like – then I would pass on this show)
But other than that – it’s great.

Picking a day to enjoy the little things is important.
I’m not sure that we really picked this – it just happened.
So let it happen – let the day pick you or you pick the day and enjoy doing nothing in your footie pajamas with your storm troopers mug and your significant other.
It’s a wonderful thing and I recommend it.
We enjoy out usual Sunday’s like it was burned in our brains and forced upon us, but it wasn’t…. and we love it.<3

Enjoy the little things.
Laugh at your favorite TV shows.
Take naps and eat one bad meal.
It’s Sunday – make it great.



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