Falling For Fall… Figuratively Of Course

Actually I guess this title could be true, I trip over a lot of stuff so you never really know.
If I fall down, just assume it’s because I am so excited for Fall, NOT because I am clumsy and chaotic af.

It’s officially Fall!

Actually, I am more of a Summer kind of girl, I mean if I had to pick a season it would be Summer, but something about Fall makes me happy too.
Probably a lot to do with the fact that I can dress like a bum and no one cares because they’re also in bum clothes but we’re cute so what’s it to ya?

The main reason I like fall is Halloween.
Who’s surprised?
No one?
But seriously I LOVE HALLOWEEN.
I love pumpkins (NOT pumpkin flavored things), I love scary movies, I love dressing up, I love the decorations and I love it all.
Literally every single part about Halloween I love.
If Halloweentown was real, I would move there TOMORROW.

I also love leggings, big sweaters, the fact that football is here (which IDC about that really) but I love tailgating and will enjoy doing that part, and I love snuggling up on the couch watching crappy old Halloween movies and drinking hot chocolate with my husband because that’s our favorite past time.
We lazy, so what?

This time of year also brings out onesies which are acceptable to buy as an adult if they are themed for whatever you’re doing…. like being cold, so don’t be surprised if my onesie collection grows.
I love em.
They’re comfortable.
Try one out and I bet you’ll be on that bandwagon too.

Fall also brings back the best TV shows in the world.
I noticed it on my DVR Monday and got a little bit too excited, because once you see one show you know the rest are coming.
Winter is coming. #GoT
Fall is coming. #RealLife
The line up gets better as fall goes on, which means since The Big Bang Theory is back on that Once will be on soon and next month I get to drown my sorrows in a vat of ice cream when I figure out who hottie Negan killed on The Walking Dead.
Don’t lie ladies, JDM is some good eye candy.
…I love my husband. ❤

This Fall we’ve got some plans.
Let’s do corn mazes and haunted houses… REAL haunted houses, not the ones where the people come running out at you asking to be punched in the throat, I want to see some real ghosts or I’m not going.
We also do the usual carving pumpkins, Halloween party, blah blah.
This picture pretty much explains it.

It’s Fall.
Get cozy.
Get happy.
Get scared.



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