These Earrings Are Too Big

These earrings are too big.

That may be a weird complaint but I got my ears pierced when I was 7 and I had been wearing the same earrings since.
I’m 28.
Also, to make it more fun, I have a nickel allergy so basically any earring that us under 20 bucks is going to make my ear swell up, break out and itch so I have to pay more than I want for things people hardly see.
This is too complicated.

So I got these new earrings, like 10 pairs for 20 bucks which was definitely my style.
I put in the tiny ones, because big ones aren’t for me, and I was fine.
Look! No itching!
Look!  It’s the perfect size!
Look!  These earrings are JUNK!
But seriously – if you go to take them out the ball pops off leaving the stud on there with a little left over glue.
Are ya kidding me?
I was just trying to wash my ear and now I have to figure out how to either fix this piece of junk or put in these big earrings…. what do you think is going to happen here?
Like really?

Now I have these giant earrings in, that look like pearls and diamonds mind you, and my regular attire is yoga pants and tank tops, and sometimes regular clothes so I’m sorry I always leave my pearls, black dress, and tiara at home.
Maybe next time I’ll be more prepared.

AND to add to the fun of these GIANT WRECKING BALL PEARLS AND DIAMONDS in my ears, answering the phone at work is always a hassle because it pushing these stupid earrings all around and it then hurts my tiny baby ear that needs tiny baby earrings but wtf do I know?
These earrings are stupid.
This is what I get for taking a sweet deal of 10 for 20.
You get junk.

I mean I guess if they were REAL diamonds and pearls I could just sell them… you know, like pawn them off for money for new earrings, but they aren’t so I can’t and it’s stupid.

Now I must go answer the phone, push my earrings around and hope my earring balls keep themselves in check.




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