Summer Time Fun and Summer Time Blues

Ahh Summer.
The time where you want to do nothing but sit by the pool, beach, or really any body of water and do absolutely nothing…
Then that dream gets crushed with early morning alarms, jobs, and school work.
Really – this Summer hasn’t been as busy as our normal Summers.
We’ve stayed home more and not really traveled as much, but, that could also be because my husband sometimes has to work on weekends because we are getting Spring when Summer is supposed to happen.
Stupid storms.

This Summer I have turned into a homebody.
I don’t want to go anywhere, not all the time at least.
I want to sit in my house and binge watch Gilmore Girls so I can know what happens and be prepared for the four new ones Netflix will be gracing us with sometime this year.
Who will Rory end up with?!
Will Jess come back?  I need him.
Dean… well… he’s my lover…. don’t worry, my husband knows.
Will Kirk still be working EVERYWHERE in Stars Hollow?
Ahhh binging… my new favorite past time.
Thank you Netflix.

I am actually at work right now – doing homework and writing this blog, pretending I am at the beach and these bright office lights are giving me a tan…  a perfect office light tan.
Multitasking at it’s finest.
I am hoping that doing all this helps me trick my brain into being busy so I don’t focus on the fact I am hungry… and want to eat all the food I brought for lunch.
Dieting is fun…. I just want to be looking good in that swimsuit… next year.

I need to end my ramblings now before I eat my keyboard.
I am going to go drink a gallon of water now…



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