Tuesday’s Almost Over

Is time flying by or is it just me?  It’s already TUESDAY NIGHT?!
Tomorrow I have class, then gym time, then work.
But payday is Friday and so is my haircut so there are a few things to look forward to.
I’ve been so busy but I always think about my blog.
“I need to get on there, I bet someone misses reading it”
“Man, I should blog about that” (and then I forget and I’ve lost my message completely)
“I should write more”
What is stopping me?!
Classes, homework, work, gym time, married life….
Yep… that’s what I do.
Lately we’re so GO GO GO that I am just done with it.
Who would have ever thought that I wanted to just sit around and do nothing?
Not me.
I’m always a busy person and I normally HATE sitting at home, but Jesus, that’s all we have been doing is stuff.
I want to do no stuff and watch nerdy movies and be in my pajamas and eat junk.
Well not junk, I’m trying to fit into my halloween costume, but you know what I’m saying.
Let’s all just calm down… let’s all do nothing… let’s all just live and be here without running around like chickens with our heads cut off thinking we have to do something every five seconds.
I want board game nights and lots of laughs.
I want watching movies and laughing so hard we’re crying.
I want chill.
Let’s do it.



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