Let Me Just Say This

It’s been a while since I have posted, I guess I just have been so busy with work, school and life that I felt I didn’t have time to come back and have a voice on my blog, but, here I am after all this time.
Lately I feel like I am just overly annoyed with everything.
People, school etc.. I am just like “leave me alone” and want to sit here in peace.
I act like I am bothered every 2 seconds, but I’m not, it’s just my nerves I guess.
Social media is tiring… I can’t deal with the crap people post anymore and that drive me up the wall.
Why is everyone so negative?  Where’s the positive?
Why can’t we all just have one happy moment a day where we don’t share all the negative junk with our friends and keep it to ourselves.
Everyone gets mad about it being all over the place, but you realize you’re helping it spread when you share the picture/video and voice your opinion on the matter.
If you don’t want it to spread and be a big deal, leave it alone and move on.
I don’t understand why everything is a big deal these days.
Everything is blown out of proportion and it’s all just a mess.
Don’t like it?  Don’t share it.
Don’t like it?  Delete them.
I’ve been on a deleting spree from all this mess and it’s so nice to get all of that crap away from my pages.
Byeeeee! I don’t need that here.
I’m over the negative crap and all about the positive.

I think when you get busy it’s hard not to just want to chill out, but it also seems like when you want that the most, it never happens.
It’s always something.
Don’t get me wrong, I love to do stuff, it just seems like the stuff gets repetitive or it’s costly somehow, or it’s never anything productive and by Sunday I am like “what the heck?” because I feel like I have gotten nothing accomplished.
I need to get things accomplished, but, I think I’ll just blog to you for a second.
It’s been a while, so, I deserve it.
…Ahh being busy.
Who would have thought that I would need to sit down and allow myself time to have my thoughts spread out on my blog, where I feel like I can just talk and no one listens.
It’s nice.
But life happens and you have stuff do to, and Lord knows you can’t get away from it, no matter how hard you try.
Responsibility is just the best.

It’s time for me to start doing things differently and be better, happier, and all around more positive so I can stop with the annoying feeling I have 24/7.
I’m surprised I haven’t broke out in hives about it.
Stress is for the birds and they can have mine back!



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