Two Days!

Have I mentioned I am going to see Maroon 5 on Friday?
I am so excited to go see them I can’t stand it, but, I am also excited to explore a new part of the world for me.
Nashville, Tennessee!
My husband and I have never been and we are pretty excited about going, we just wish it were going to be warmer!
We have no idea what we’re going to do there besides the concert on Friday, but, we will figure it out!
My cousin Erin is supposed to help us out with that so we shall see what we get into! ha!
It’ll be a fun time and I can’t wait.

Maroon 5 is definitely one of my bucket list concerts!
I have wanted to see them ever since they came out so when I saw they were going to be within driving distance from us (4 hours isn’t too bad) I was like “Eric! Sign me up!
Technically I bought the tickets so I signed myself up, but, what can ya do?
At least I am going, that’s what matters!
We are going to have a great time!
Any trip away with my husband is a great time, especially when it’s new and we get to experience it together for the first time.
I love getting experiences like that for us since we are so busy a lot of the time, it’s nice for just the two of us to get to go somewhere and do something we’ve never done before!
Is that too mushy?
I’ll stop.

If only this week would hurry up!
We are ready to go!

What was your best concert?
Who would you like to go see?



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