Icy, Snowy, Nasty Friday

It’s such a crappy day here.
I am pretty sure I have cabin fever.
I’ve only been out of the house twice this week and that was for class and a doctors appointment.
Lord help.
It’s sleeting, snowing, raining, and gross.
I hate it.
And of course if the roads are bad we can’t go anywhere so my cabin fever is setting in more and I just want to get the F out of this house.
But no.
It’s coming down like it’s no ones business as well.
It sounds like it’s just pouring down rain but it’s straight ICE!
My husband is at work so I am sitting here watching the One Direction movie and typing to you.
One Direction, you read that right, ask me how much I know about them.
I know a few songs they sing and that’s about it.
I couldn’t tell you who was who (except Harry because he’s everywhere) but other than that, I’ve got no idea.
So I’m just sitting here, listening to their cool accents and pretending I know what’s going on.
I have Jurassic Park waiting for me after this because I’ve never seen that movie and everyone thinks that’s a shame.
It is, but, what can ya do?
I’ll get it watched today and everything will be fine.
It better be good too because I had to pay 2.99 to watch it!
It came out in 1993 but I had to pay 2.99 to watch it on Dish but I got to watch Frozen for free.
Riddle me that.
Oh well, I guess it’s not bad, it could have been worse but c’mon, I like FREE!
Have I mentioned that I am a cheapskate?
Because I am all about bargains, it should be apparent knowing I didn’t want to pay 2.99 for a movie, but I feel like that’s a good thing! ha!

Now I am just rambling, so, I am going to go watch my boy band movie and let you be!
Happy Friday wherever you are!



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