It Got Me

I thought I avoided it.
I thought it wasn’t going to happen to me.
That’s what I get for being so cocky.
You guessed it, I GOT SICK!
This is my life now.
I am refusing to be sick and miserable though.
I am on the couch writing this blog but I have already pre-made my lunch/dinner for the day and I am going to work on homework when I get my book bag out of my car that’s in the shop.
So until then, sure I’ll chill out.
I do need to find the lysol and get to spraying because I have stuff to do Saturday and I am not going to miss out on it!
(My friend is turning 30 and it’s this big to-do)
Can’t miss out on that.

I just really didn’t want to get sick.
I don’t have time for it because I have stuff to do.
Being sick means being still and I don’t do that well.
It’s almost like when I am sick I remember everything I need to be doing and I think I need to get it done ASAP but I’m sick so I get about halfway through it and I’m like “I’m going to pass out” so really it’s just no good.
I hate being sick.
Someone be sick for me.
I just don’t have time! ha!
Who does, really?
I need to workout and stay on track for my weight loss and being sick realllllyyyy just doesn’t make me feel like I want to get up and workout for 30 minuets.
I don’t WANT to do anything but I am going to.
I just know I will.

Moral of my life is this – don’t be cocky when everyone else is suck but you, because it knows and it’ll get ya when you least expect it.



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