We Were First Timers

For Christmas my grandma and grandpa got us tickets to our first ever hockey game.
St Louis Blues, ever heard of them?
Everyone of my husbands friends just LOVE hockey and watch it on TV all the time, go to games, have the clothes… etc…
We’ve just always been like meh about it because it just wasn’t something we were in to.
I’ve never watched hockey on TV so I can’t tell you what that’s life, but I can tell you that going to a game is a pretty awesome experience.

We got to the game, clueless about the whole thing, made it to our seats and started to check everything out.
We had people all around us that we could just tell had been there before.
So I lean over to my husband and say “I’m going to ask the guys in front of us what we should expect.”
He tells me no but I do it anyway.
They give us the rundown, tells us what to expect and all that fun stuff.
They told us that the Hurricanes (the opponent) weren’t a very good team so we should expect to see a win on our first trip.
We did get that win, at first it was kind of up in the air if we were going to or not but we did and it was awesome.
Everything moves so fast so you sort of have to be on your toes about the whole thing, but, it was legit.
The only thing I wanted to see was a fight and the one time I get up to go to the bathroom is when that happened so I missed that, but, I just explained to my husband that that means we need to go again.

Blues Victory!



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