Wednesday, Shmednesday

I feel like Wednesday is the day of the week where you are like “REALLY, it’s only WEDNESDAY!” and then you sit in silence as you let that sink in that this week is still happening.
Not that I really ever have anything to do, but this weather… well, it makes me drag.
I want to be warm and in my house all snuggled up.
I don’t want to have to venture out and take a test (like today) with it all groggy and sprinkling outside.
I want to sit here and read Gone Girl (yes I know, I am the last person on the planet to read this) and drink my hot chocolate in peace.
Really, I haven’t made hot chocolate yet, but it sounds good.

I worked out again this morning.
I was dead asleep when my husband got out of bed, but as soon as he left, WIDE AWAKE!
So I tossed and turned, he made me mad via text and then I got over it, so I decided to get up and walk/run two miles again.
Post workout day 2.
Those shakes aren’t so bad until the end when you get to the chunks of stuff that didn’t mix up well.
I leave that as my ‘leave a little for the God’s’ that my great grandpa used to say about leaving food on the plates.
He was Italian and what he said you agreed with.
What an awesome man.

I am also sitting here (I don’t have that test until two) waiting on my phone to upgrade to ios 8.
I had to delete a lot of stuff on my phone that I use to get this update so I had to go into Word online to make a list.
I still think I’m forgetting some but it’ll come back to me.
If not, then well, I obviously didn’t use that app very much.
I have about 33 minutes left it says, but it keeps jumping around so we will see how long I really have left, and if it was worth the wait.

Oh wait.. I just looked and we are back up to an hour.
So this will take all day.

I have to eat lunch.
I’m not even really hungry but if I don’t do it while I am thinking about it then I will forget.
We don’t need my stomach growling in the middle of a test.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. LoveandFlats says:

    I’ve had the stomach growling during a test happen and it is embarrassing. You better bet after class I went and scarfed down some food.

    1. haha I had a peanut butter sandwich for lunch so that wouldn’t happen!

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