Freedom… For 2 Whole Weeks

I’ve already told you that Summer school is over.
So I won’t talk about that for long, except to tell you that I passed!
And yes, that includes Speech!

I got the vacuum yesterday.
A cheap 15 dollar one because, in my eyes, since we only have two rugs in this house there is no point in having an expensive vacuum.
My husband didn’t agree.
He says it doesn’t ‘suck up the stuff’ as good as it should.
The rugs are clean, so, that’s a win for cheap-o vacuum to me!

I’m also still working on weight loss.
Maybe these two weeks I can be super active.
Obviously not outside, because for some reason, it wont stop effing raining.
So inside it is.
Still dieting well and my toe is a lot better so hopefully I can get back in the game 100% soon.
As for now, I’m still playing Just Dance and the Michael Jackson Experience on the Wii.
Dancing is a good workout!
I may look like an idiot, but it’s fun and burns them calories!
I have 18.4 more pounds to get to 25 lost by Christmas and I hope I reach that goal.
It seems like I am heading in that direction and doing well, but you never know.
I’ve lost 17.6 in all so far and 6.6 in my ’25 by Christmas’ goal, so it seems I am doing well.
I am ready to be happy and healthy in my own skin!
These two weeks are going to be time for me to work it and I plan on doing just that!

Besides working out, my house is super clean because when there is nothing on TV and I don’t want to turn on the Wii to watch Netflix, I clean.
The living room smells good because I got some new candle burner things while on my trip to good ol Wal-Mart yesterday and it’s pretty much spotless.
Our bedroom will never be spotless until I get rid of some clothes, but I’ve found out that once I think I should get rid of them I suddenly become super attached to those clothes and just can’t get rid of em because “that shirt is really cute.  I’ll wear it one day.”
Guess what?
I never do!
The kitchen is spotless as well.
I hate a dirty kitchen so normally that’s my go-to spot when I first start cleaning.
Bathrooms… eh..
Just need some organization in them and they’ll be good.
I’ve got time, so why not?

As for now, well, I am waiting on my bestie for the restie to get here so we can go to Dollar General.
I love Dollar General.



8 Comments Add yours

  1. Congrats on passing!!!

    I don’t think you needed an expensive vacuum for two rugs, either!!

    Also, I love playing Just Dance. I probably look like an dufus, but it’s fun and burns a lot of calories!!

    I can never get rid of clothing – it’s so difficult. I think about how much money I wasted on the item and then feel guilty! LOL

    Good luck to you on your 25 by Christmas!!!! I should make a goal like that!

    1. Thank you! Haha I wasn’t sure how speech would go, she graded super tough!

      The 25 by Christmas is a super goal bc my Gma likes to take LOTS of pictures when the family gets together and I am tired of being the one that hates the way she looks in all of them!
      I always tell her delete em or crop me out! Haha

      1. Yes! I’m the same way! I hate pictures!

  2. Congrats! On both the grade and the vaccume. I’m sure you’ll make your Christmas goal, but have you thought about how to maintain the majority of your weightloss through Christmas?

    1. Oh yeah! Thank you!

      Haha I really don’t eat much holiday food, which is weird, but I don’t like dressing or ham or any of that mess so I normally eat pretty well. Thank god for being picky or else I would be gaining alllll my weight back. Hahaha

      1. haha I always have that problem because I’m not picky, but we eat tuna steaks instead of ham, so we’re normally pretty healthy.

      2. My aunt made oyster dressing one time. Everyone was afraid. Hahaha

      3. Okay, I would be scared of that too. I’m not an oyster girl… although I do say oy a lot.

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