I Was Runnin’… For Multiple Reasons…

Run 1 – Exercise
Today was like a miracle day.
I was on the treadmill, for 2.38 miles, and I just did not want to stop!
I don’t know what kind of motivation I have going on today but I was all about going for longer.
Really, I stopped because I had to pee and I plan on going on the treadmill again later, but it felt nice to think ‘man, I could keep doing this‘ and not feel wore out.
It was awesome and hopefully when I go for my run later I’ll feel the same way.
This getting fit thing is pretty cool.

Run 2 – Fear
We went to the river this weekend and it was really crappy weather but it was for a birthday party for my friend and my husband so we all weathered the no sun and went anyway.
I will tell you this, we will NEVER forget this palooza that’s for sure.
There was a tornado warning, and I don’t know that I’ve told you about this part of me, but I HATE STORMS!
So of course I’m freaking out, we have no where to go because we are in campers and if a tornado comes we will be goners for sure.
My friend took some of her friends and took off to another town to outrun the storm, which might I add she was freaking out too, just not as bad as me.
So I was like UHHH hello LET’S GO and my husband and mom were like well it won’t be bad we can stay.
As I freaked out there my husband realized he needed to get me out of there because, tornado or not, I was going to probably die there if I kept freaking out because he could see my anxiety was THROUGH the roof!
So we left and went to Harps (grocery store) and they put us in their basement.
…turns out there was no tornado, but at least I was prepared to freak out and get somewhere safe.
My mother stayed at the campground and I was like great idea for yourself, but I’m out of here!
Of course when we all got back together at the campground we were making fun of those of us than ran away, but hey, we were the smart ones!
Now that’s one camping experience we will never forget.

Have a great week everyone and I hope you got inspired/a good laugh out of this!



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