It Could Be A Problem

So I was raised to like whatever I want.
Pink, blue, dresses, pants, dolls, trucks, movies, books… whatever.
I was also raised in the generation where being a ‘nerd’ wasn’t a bad thing, so, I have carried this with me my whole life.
I love Star Wars because my dad loved Star Wars and also because they’re great.
Side note – my husband hasn’t seen any of them and it hurts me…
I’m going to try to get him to at least watch the original three on Star Wars day…
May be force be with me.


I think I may have stepped into a problem here.
An addiction, if you will.
I already have a Harry Potter addiction, that will be with my and my children (when I have them) for the rest of my life.
This addiction will never be Harry Potter big, but it’s big.
I have a super problem with loving Marvel movies these days.
I am literally bummed that we haven’t went to see the new Captain America in theaters yet and now Spider-Man 2 is coming to theaters TODAY and I told my husband that if we don’t see it my life will be ruined.
Obviously that’s way too dramatic and I’m kidding, but I really want to see it.
All of the main characters have been on Jimmy Fallon this week and I’ve seen a billion clips about the movie and I think it’s taunting me, so, for sure I need to go see it.
And if one of you see’s it before me (which I’m sure you will) just tell me it’s amazing but don’t ruin it for me!
Spoilers aren’t cool guys.
Not cool at all.

Well, wish me luck in getting to do any of these things… watching Star Wars seems to be just a distant dream because my husband is being a hater and I just don’t know how to talk him into watching these movies.
Spider-Man may happen but we shall see.

No worries, I’ll keep you posted.



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