Just Chillin

Today I have been nothing but lazy.
But I’ve discovered a few things I will share with you now.

1. If I was an avenger I would be Thor because his hammer is legit.
1(a). I watch The Avengers movie way too much.
2. I’m not a fan of microwave meals but I am working on trying to get healthy so lean cuisine it is.
3. I’m hungry and I hate dieting.
4. I wear my retainers but I play with them more than they stay on my teeth. The bottom row anyway.
5. Dog the bounty hunter is scary but Beth terrifies me and if she was after me I would probably cry.

That’s just a few, but the day isn’t over yet.
I just feel like being a bum today. I haven’t really been lazy all week with work and birthday parties and friends.
I feel like I have a right to do not if on my Monday off. And I shall be in my pjs all effing day if I want to.

I love my books and I love writing and I’m still on track to go for book 3 but as for now I just want to focus on something different to come at my writing with a new perspective.
That’s what I do.

Maybe my older book sales will go back up sometime, without a Facebook that’s hard to spread but I just don’t want the drama of a page I don’t care about really.
We will just have to spread the word from here for my pictures and books now won’t we! 🙂 haha

But I feel like I want to continue being lazy and see what that’s like before I have to decide what we are eating for dinner.



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